3 Best Zcash Wallets For 2017


The increasing security concerns in physical money have given birth to digital currencies all across the world. These digital currencies are called cryptocurrencies and all the transactions are recorded through cryptography. Blockchain technology is the core of these transactions. These digital transactions are so secure that only the sender and the receiver know about these. There is no third party involved in these transactions and even no one knows the amount to be transferred. With the passage of time, the use of digital currencies is gaining popularity. The increasing use of cryptocurrencies has even threatened the existence of physical currencies in many countries. Thus, many countries across the globe are imposing bans on these.

Most of the countries are thinking of bringing some regulations to control the flow of these digital currencies. They are doing so to regulate the transactions and to save these from the cyber attacks. These countries also want to bring their own cryptocurrencies through their national banks. There are various crypto exchanges dealing in these currencies. These digital currencies are stored in wallets. These wallets are loaded with security features. Various kinds of zcash wallets are being used all across the world. The three most important and commonly used zcash wallets are:

  1. Ledger nano s
  2. Coinpayments
  3. Jaxx wallet

1- Ledger nano s:

wallet ledger

Ledger nano s is one of the top hardware wallets being used across the globe for their security features. This wallet is just like a USB device that can be connected to a computer. There is a little OLED display which is helpful in checking and confirmation of all the digital transactions. The confirmation is made through a button at the side of the wallet. The dimensions of this zcash wallet are 98mm x18mm x 9mm and it weighs only 16.2 g. This means that it is quite easily taken away and provides the facility of recording digital transactions on the go.

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This wallet is also long lasting because it has stainless steel and high quality plastic material. It is compatible with Windows 7 and later, iOS 10.8, and Chrome OS. It has different interfaces for recording transactions of different digital currencies. Following are some of the peculiar features of this wallet:

A- Built-in Display:

The very first and the most important feature of this wallet is the little OLED display. This display helps in double checking and confirmation of the transactions. Every digital transaction taking place appears on the display and the user can confirm it through pressing the side buttons.

B- Support for Multi Currencies:

ledger nano currency

The next feature of this wallet is that it supports various digital currencies. Thus, the digital transactions taking place in Bitcoin, Altcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple XRP many others are recorded in this wallet.

C- Security:

Security features are the need of the day in this field of cryptocurrency. Ledger nano s is fully loaded with security features. It saves each and every transaction through a security code. It also supports FIDO Universal Second Factor Authentication code to protect the transactions. This wallet does not remember your security keys. Instead, all the keys are hard locked thereby making it impossible for everyone to use.

Moreover, Ledger nano s also provides the user with the facility of backing up and restoring user account in case of any problem. The vendor also offers 24/7 support for any issue being faced by the user.

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2 CoinPayments:

coinpayment altcoins

This is another top rated zcash wallet that is widely used for storing zcash. This wallet is based in Canada and accepts the payments in about 75 coins all across the world. The transaction fee of 0.50% is charged on the transactions of all coins. This wallet is considered an ideal platform for the merchants who intend to sell their services online. Following are the main features of this platform:

  1. Fast Transactions:

The first thing that makes this wallet superior to other wallets is the fast transactions. Coinpayments uses BitGo technology to process the transactions at faster speed.

  1. Multi-currency Support:

Coinpayments is also used widely across the world because it supports more than 75 digital currencies being used all across the world. Here, it is important to mention that it takes an equal fee of 0.50% on all the currencies.

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  1. Security Features:

Coinpayments uses BitGo technology also for safe transactions. This is a multisig technology used for protection of cryptocurrency transactions all across the world. Moreover, it also enables the users to lock their coins. Once locked, the coins cannot be used before the time set for their unlocking.

  1. Conversion of Coins:

One of the top features of this wallet is the facility of auto coin conversion. The user can convert his stored coins into some other currency. This saves a lot of time and eases a hassle free trade.

Coinpayments also offers you the facility of Point of Sale. This means that the user can accept the transactions in person without the need of any crypto exchange. The mobile app for this wallet is also available for the users. They can send and receive payments through their devices.

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3- Jaxx Wallet:

jaxx wllet zcash


Jaxx Wallet is another esteemed wallet being used for mining and storing cryptocurrencies all across the world. This is also called a multi platform wallet because it supports almost all the platforms. Following are the features of this wallet:

  1. Beautiful User Interface

Jaxx Wallet is also popular because of its attractive and easy user interface. A very good thing about this is that it has the same design on almost all the platforms. Thus, the users can use it easily on their laptops as well as mobile devices.

  1. Security Features

All the transactions in this wallet are also secured by private keys and these private keys are stored on the user device. Thus, no one can use these keys and know about the transactions. Similarly the backup and restore process in this wallet is also quite easier than other wallets.

  1. Multi-Currency Support

Like all other wallets, jaxx wallet offers support for various digital currencies. The official sources of this platform confirm the support for seven digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

This wallet also provides 24/7 support in case of any problem. Only one thing regretting about this wallet is the slow speed of transactions.

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